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Kun Su Kim


Dae Jin Kim
Executive Director


Dae Jin Kim, Composer Pianist

Born in Seoul Korea, came to the US at the age of twelve, started piano lessons at the age of 6, studied with Brandt Fredriksen since the age of 12. Mr. Kim studied at Julliard prep, studied with Marietta Orlav at Royal Conservatory of Music, now a Glenn Gould Studio. Mannes School of Music, now a part of New School, earned a Bachelor's degree in Music.

After his conversion at the age of 19, he decided to devote himself as an evangelist in New York pursues his religious study of Master of Divinity at the Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Master of theology at Missio Theological seminary. He was a formal assistant pastor at New York Presbyterian Church in Long Island City.  

At the age of twelve, Mr. Dae Jin Kim was inspired by reading a Chopin biography which changed his life to become a pianist. This experience awakens Mr. Kim’s understanding of music at another level. 


Robert McDonald during one of his lessons identified Mr. Kim’s special quality of having the verbal aspect of music states, “Your playing is as if you are speaking to someone.” His special quality in understanding music continues with the deep understanding of music lyricism, spontaneity of improvisational skill, and passion for music drove him to seek a career as a pianist while being engaged as a speaker to convert people religiously.


His ability to use music as a tool to communicate to his audiences continues to expand to the realm of musical composition, which consists of various types of music. His composition consists of pop, rock, jazz, musical, praise song, and impressionistic element. He especially seeks to blend a unique genre in music into his own composition, instead of taking on track of atonal path, which is a popular classical 20th-century style, he believes there are other alternative ways to create music that can reach audiences more effectively without losing the quality.  Mr. Kim believes there is still an aura of using tonal music which can interest public audiences. This requires intricate music creation to reach the public ears who were distanced from classical interest. 


He was a piano adjudicator at New York Virtuoso International Competition. He appeared in Flushing Town Hall, Flushing Library, Carnegie Hall performance with CBSN Choir, Kwang Lim Art Center at Chang Chun hall, during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. He has appeared as a pianist in the CTS Christian broadcast back in Korea. He appears as a guest speaker for FM 87.7in New York. He was a contestant for KCTS Korean Christian TV, currently known as DanBi Christian TV, with his own composition called Desert has received a special claim. He has won 2nd place for KoreaTimes, Hankook Ilbo, Guitar competition in 2011.

He is currently on a performance schedule, his new composition: Rose of Sharon (MuGungHwa: adapted from a traditional song theme by Ham Yi Young) song which he will be premiering at the Carnegie Hall next year. This song was composed to commemorate 6.25 veterans for the hope to bring peace in-between nations and that there will be no more war on this planet. For this reason, he is an activist in Korean community affairs. His recent performances include, KAAGNY: South Korean President Moon Jae In's March First Presidential Address 3/1/2021. Worldwide Vigil for the Victims of the ATL shooting. Memorial Service for Victims of ATL shooting, Healing together online concert. Also, musically supporting Korean leaders who represent the Korean community in the state of NJ and NY. 

He is currently working on the project to prepare the soundtrack for the film score, ‘King David’ and he recently completed the collection of his solo piano solo pieces, Dream, Destination, First Love, Personal Jesus, Reminiscence, and City Light. His most recent composition is a piano quintet called "spring."

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