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< Soloist >

- Piano


Violin / Viola / Cello / Bass / Classical Guitar


Flute / Oboe / Clarinet / Bassoon / Saxophone

- Brass

Trumpet / Trombone / Horn 

- Voice

Classical / Musical

< Ensemble >

Duo to Octet

String Duo, Piano 4 hands, Trio or more

Application & Fee

- Application form and electronic payment via PayPal is available at our website 

- Application fee by PAYPAL 

Instrument / Voice  -  US $150

Ensemble - US $ 70 (for each person)



- Eligibility : Pre K ~ Up to 39 Years old

- Only participants who have completed application for application and payment of the application fee will be examined.

Classical Music

- You are available to apply either HOME recording or STUDIO recording by YOUTUBE link.

- You can only apply for one-take videos

(If you can't meet an accompanist because of the COVID-19,

  it won't affect the judging if you play without an accompaniment.)

​​- No Repeats 

- One Movement from the Any Standard Repertoire (Sonata, Concerto, Grand Piece etc.) 


- All winners will get the prize certificate and

John Liu New York State Senator Award


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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